bodysolid-featured950x500 Body Solid home gyms have developed a reputation of being on par with some of the top commercial brands. Like commercial equipment, their line of home gyms are made from steel alloy and their finish is composed of electrostatically applied powder coat making them extremely durable. Its ergonomic design coupled with a list of safety features allows for a perfect, optimal range of motion. With a lifetime warranty, they serve a variety of markets including:
Corporate FacilitiesApartments & CondosAthletic Teams
Gyms & Health ClubsMilitary & GovernmentPolice & Fire Departments
Rehab & Medical FacilitiesSchools & UniversitiesCommunity Fitness Centers
I can go on and on praising their design and construction but I’d be remiss if I did not mention Body Solid’s customer service and warranty.Their customer service exceeded our expectations with their friendly staff and swift resolution. A friend of mine had bought the 3000LPS model and was missing a bolt for a part of the frame. One phone call and a few days later, he had the missing piece installed without any extra fees or hassles.Their warranty covers the life of your equipment. Does it get any better than that?